Ejea is an ideal place to host professional, business and work meetings. Ejea gives room to medium-size meetings and congresses and all kinds of fairs. We have host equipment, a very modern fairground and a well-prepared hotel sector.


Ejea de los Caballeros belongs to a very select group of Spanish cities. It has been named City of Science and Innovation, a distinction awarded by the Spanish Government to cities leading in creating competitive advantages, promoting R+D and helping innovative companies.


For centuries, Ejea de los Caballeros has seen how water, agriculture and the inventiveness of its people intertwined to create a space of coexistence and progress. Now we have the Ciudad del Agua, a place where we find the Parque Lineal del Gancho, the Aquagraria Museum and the Fairgrounds.

Ejea has a very long and rich history and, besides, is the capital city of Cinco Villas, the region with the best (and more abundant) cultural and natural heritage in Zaragoza. Our cultural and artistic heritage is large. However, our natural heritage doesn’t fall short. Art and nature: a perfect leisure combination.