The Certamen Coral de Ejea de los Caballeros is a national choir competition born in 1970. Ejea is a city with a long and renowned choir tradition. No wonder one of the oldest Aragonese choirs is the polyphonic choir “Exea”, with almost 50 years of existence. That’s why, when the Centre for Touristic Initiatives and the Catholic Social Board wanted to commemorate the arrival of the Bardenas Canal (8th of April, 1959) and, at the same time, promote our town culturally and touristically, they decided to hold a polyphonic music competition that would be up to the standard of those goals.

With this wish in mind, the first festival was organized the 12th of April, 1970. Successively, always the weekend after Easter Week, the Festival has had new editions up until the 26th edition in 1995. Then, the city council of Ejea took over the Festival. It was renamed to what it is now known all over Spain: Certamen Coral de Ejea de los Caballeros.

During the competition, choirs must perform four songs: an obligatory piece (each year composed by a different author), a popular piece with an Aragonese theme and two free-choice pieces. The choirs can be accompanied by up to three instruments during the free-choice and the Aragonese theme pieces. There is also a Children’s Choir Festival (uncompetitive) and an opening concert.