There are many examples in Ejea of the Aragonese style houses along the streets Ramón y Cajal, Herrerías, Mediavilla and in Plaza de España. They span over a large period: from the XVI century to the XVIII century, both included. Casa del Carlista, the current headquarters of the Delegate Offices of the Government of Aragón, and Casa Bentura, in Ramón y Cajal street, are two of the most impressive ones, among others. The historic neighborhood has been completely renovated, both the street layout and through the renovation of private homes.

Ejea hosts two types of civil architecture. Frasdués has the urban layout typical of the Pre-Pyrenean villages, with the use of blocks of stone and the construction type common in the middle-mountain regions. On the other side, the colonization villages have their own construction design, repeated in each one of the six population centres: everything revolves around the town square and the church.