Since the beginning there was an inconvenience in Valareña due to salt residue levels in the farming land, which greatly complicated the development of agriculture. Years later this difficulty became an opportunity, thanks to the implantation of rice harvesting, one of the main supports of the economy in Valareña.

Nowadays, Valareña holds a considerable leadership in regards to entrepreneurial activity. A village that bets on sustainable development in the rural areas, with four rural tourism houses to prove it. In fact, most of the businesses belong to the hotel industry, although commerce and construction have great impact on the economy of this village.


On December 12th, 1962 the distribution of population was raffled, and a limit date was set on April 15th, 1963 for the new settlers to move into the new village. These settlers had different origins: Ejea, Rivas, Ibdes, Zaragoza and Uncastillo.


The church and the rest of the buildings stand out because of their architectural style, typical of the colonization towns. It combines the use of stone with other materials, which gives a very picturesque appearence to the urban environment.


Valareña is very close to La Bardena, which allows for bicycle riding and hiking.


Neighborhood council

Mayor: José Antonio Gil Sanz.

Council members: Valero Ciudad Romero, Silvia Compaired Sanz and Pilar Gracia Igal.

Town office: Tuesdays from 09:00 to 10:00.

Urban waste management – essentials pick-up

Contact number:

Urban waste management Comarca Cinco Villas. 976 66 22 10.

FCC delegate office. Customer service. 976 66 44 98.


Practice and first-aid from 09:00 to 10:30.


Red Cross patient transportation. Mondays, 07:15.


Library. Mondays, from 18:30 to 19:30.


Holidays and festivities 6-10 July.


Casa Rural Haieza

C/ Aire, 2

50617-Valareña (Ejea de los Caballeros). Zaragoza

Tel. No.: 649 143 704

Casa Rural “Punta el Alba”

C/ Joaquín Costa, 28

50617-Valareña (Ejea de los Caballeros). Zaragoza

Tel. No.: 976 673 017 / 646 669 702


Casa de Turismo Rural “Las Bardenas”

C/ San Miguel, 2

50617-Valareña  (Ejea de los Caballeros). Zaragoza

Tel. No.: 976 673 110 / 620 538 467