Ejea de los Caballeros is located in the north-west region of Zaragoza, in the coordinates 42º 07`48 North Latitude, 1º 08`09` West Longitude. Its municipality takes up the central-west strip of the region of Cinco Villas (five towns).

There are several lines of communication available to acces Ejea. The road A-127 is the North-South backbone of Cinco Villas and Ejea, linking the Ebro Valley with the national road 240 Pamplona-Jaca-Huesca.

The road A-125 connects Ejea de los Caballeros with Tudela (Navarra) on the West and Huesca on the East and it’s an interregional transverse line of communication that extends towards the Medinacelli-Madrid motorway and the Somport-Sagunto dual carriageway respectively.

The road A-1204 links Ejea de los Caballeros with the north region of Cinco Villas, from the rural neighborhoods of Rivas and Farasdués to the towns of Asín and Luesia.

Ejea includes six colonization neighborhoods (Bardenas, Santa Anastasia, El Bayo, Pinsoro, Valareña and Sabinar), which are connected to one another and to the rest of the municipality through a network of secondary roads.

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