La Estanca del Gancho has a gread environmental value, due to the great variety of fauna living on its shores and its islet: waterfowl birds (herons and other species) and a great amount of perches, madrillas, carps…

This space has become the Parque Lineal del Gancho, next to the La Llana neighborhood. It is endowed with a tree-covered pathway with walkway and cycle track, gardens, urban furniture, special areas with an observatory for bird-watching, picnic areas, sun-bathing areas, breakwaters, a footbridge with an acuatic section, a pier, a set of overwater stands, a play area and an area for the elderly, with several parking areas to avoid car access.

Ciudad del Agua offers some leisure services, like a summer bar-terrace. The fairground and the Aquagraria museum are also within the perimeter of Ciudad del Agua.

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