The riverbanks of the river network formed by the rivers Arbas and Riguel, with typical grove vegetation (tamarisk, willow and black poplar), offers the visitor attractions to enjoy nature, fishing and mountain bike riding. The riverbank grove section between Rivas and Ejea (river Arba of Luesia) and the one between Los Boalares and Parque central (river Arba of Biel) are to be reckoned.

You can find native fish such as mediterranean barbel, common barbel and madrilla, as well as crustaceans like the crab. Standouts in regards to the amphibious are: grass snake, frogs, toads (common toad, midwife toad and natterjack toad) and some newts. The birds that inhabit the ecosystems of the bankrivers in Ejea are the red kite, the black kite, the long-eared owl and the eagle-owl. The most common mammals are moles, rats and mice.

Riverbanks - Ejea de los Caballeros