For centuries, Ejea de los Caballeros has seen how water, agriculture and the inventiveness of its people intertwined to create a space of coexistence and progress. Now we have the Ciudad del Agua, a place where we find the Parque Lineal del Gancho, the Aquagraria Museum and the Fairgrounds.

Parque Lineal del Gancho is an urban lake integrated in a first-class environmental area. An ideal place to hike, ride a bike, go fishing, birdwatching or just to enjoy nature. It also has an outdoor auditorium for musical shows, a pier and a bar-cafeteria area with terrace.

Aquagraria was conceived to help understand this productive relationship between water, agriculture and farm mechanization in Ejea. A result of this relationship is the thriving agriculture machinery industry that made us a reference within this sector. The museum has the best historical exhibition on agricultural machinery in Spain and has a lot of possibilities to celebrate other exhibitions and conferences.

The Fairgrounds are the perfect place to celebrate fairs and big events. It has a 5500 m² covered pavilion, an outdoor exhibition area of 8000 m², extensive parking and good accesses.

These three elements make up the Ciudad del Agua of Ejea, a new urban area surrounded by a pleasant environment.